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Time Definite

Three appointments not to be missed.

What time do you want your shipment to arrive? You can decide with Time Definite: the extra services for your shipment, allowing you to choose in advance the delivery time.

What do you get?
We offer three choices:

ore9 for lighter, more urgent shipments, delivery by 9 o’clock in the morning of the first working day after pickup.

ore10 for delivery of documents and parcels by 10 o’clock in the morning of the first working day after pickup.

ore12 for delivery by midday of the first working day after pickup.

And with the formula Satisfied or Your Money Back, if delivery is more than 15 minutes late we will refund the entire cost of the extra services.

What shipments does it apply to?
Ore9, ore10 and ore12 are available in combination with the services: Extra Large, Andata e Ritorno.

Where are they available?
Time Definite services are available also for localities served in two days.
Check served localities by entering the Locality/Zip code of departure and Locality/Zip code of arrival in the section Delivery times, or download the list of served Time Definite localities or call Customer Services (see cost details).

How to activate the service
• If you use paper Waybills, simply attach the Sticker to the shipment, being careful not to cover the sender and addressee details. You can request the sticky labels from the closest office to you, or fill in the form Request Materials.
• If you have a subscription that includes our Technological Solutions, you don’t have to attach the sticker: simply update the application.

Consult service characteristics (PDF 968 KB)

* except for ore9
** guaranteed delivery valid for Outward shipment