INVIOEASY, is the service, developed for e-commerce operators ,specific for returns management.

Securing an easy and quick management of returns may greatly influence the reliability of your website and the reviews that your Clients make about it.

Furthermore is often decisive when it comes to choosing a website to purchase from and promotes repeated purchases, thus contributing to the Client’s retailer loyalty.

With INVIOEASY, SDA will handle the return procedure entirely, simplifying its management and control, from the pick-up to the issuing of transport documents and up to dispatch of information to your Clients with all the details on the collection of the goods.

Many advantages for your business

Trusting INVIOEASY is convenient because SDA handles your returns completely:

• Filing of returns both in carriage free and in freight collect;

• Issuing of the transport document, already filled out, and dispatch of the return to the sender;

• Automatic reports, carrying all the information on the status of the return shipment and on the shipment’s tracking;

• Pick-up pre-alert, preemptive communication (by SMS or e-mail) to your Client on the collection date and time frame by the SDA courier.

For your Client, the keyword is simplicity


Your Clients will receive directly on their e-mail addresses, the pre-compiled transport document, to be printed out and applied on the shipment. And if they cannot receive e-mails or print, the SDA courier himself will carry the transport document with him at the time of the pick-up.

Furthermore, your Clients will be notified in advance, by SMS or e-mail, about the pick-up details: day and time frame.


INVIOEASY provides for the transfer of a file with  shipments  data (pick-up date, sender/receiver addresses, sender e-mail, etc). SDA will set the pick-up and will provides the transport document and every detail about the pick-up day and time frame to the sender.


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