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Motorcycles and related gear.

With 2Ruotexpress you can transport motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, bulky items and sundry gear all over Italy, delivered in 1-2 days.

You can also send your sports equipment around Italy, and for your bike we have special packaging to protect it from knocks and grazes.

What do you get?
• Delivery to the nearest SDA office within 1 working day* all over the country, except for the Islands and Calabria (within 2 days*).
• Special assistance.
• Special packaging for transported items: sealed and numbered metal cages and cardboard packing
• Possibility of personally overseeing packaging operations.
• Possibility of naming the person for delivery at the destination SDA office.
• Insurance included in the price**

How to activate
Activating this service is easy. You can contact the Customer Help service calling the toll-free number 800.474101 (from Monday to Friday, 8.30-13.30 and 14.30-18.30), this service will arrange an appointment for the departure of your motorcycle at the nearest SDA office.

Remember that an SDA subscription is always more convenient.
To request further information or sign up for the service write to

Consult service characteristics (PDF 670 KB)

* Excluding Saturdays.
** Except for uninsured sum percentage indicated in terms applicable to the service.